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At InPlace, we are committed to providing our partners with inventive ideas and creative solutions to fit their individual business needs.


Our mission as marketing and advertising professionals is to provide our partners with fresh ideas, high-quality products and a smart approach to utilizing marketing dollars, all while maintaining a high-standard of values and ethics.

A full-service agency founded in 1971, InPlace has seen the rise and fall of trends, technologies and practices, therefore providing us with an immense amount of experience and allowing us to establish tried-and-true techniques, and pushing us to thrive and stay abreast of changing technologies and trends.

While we have worked in the real estate industry, and partnered with some of the nation's most successful real estate developers and homebuilders for years, we have also expanded our expertise by providing partners (that's what we consider our clients) across a variety of industries with our services, allowing their organizations to reach consumers and grow their brand.

Our clients are more than just businesses we work for; at InPlace we consider them to be our partners. We take pride in the relationships built with our partners, some of which we've worked with for more than 15 years.

Our dynamic and high-energy marketing and advertising professionals work alongside your team, achieving seamless interaction and implementation and ultimately yielding results that always exceed expectations. These professionals strive to stay abreast of not only technological advances, but also to stay at the forefront of the specific industries of our partners, and provide one-on-one customer service that's unparalleled.

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Barbara Commesso
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Joseph Commesso
Vice President
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Kristi Grooms
VP of Client Services
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Peter Masem
Creative Director
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Kate Evans
Account Manager
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Annie Goodwin
Account Manager
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Kayla Bradley
Front-End Development
1L8B2965 1L8B2940
Donnie White
1L8B2851 1L8B2844
Nick Leavitt
Digital Production Artist
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Sarah Heyl
Social Strategist
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Jen Persons
Director of Video Services
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Taylor Gaudens
Video Production Coordinator